About Russia


Most of the Indian students prefer to study MBBS in Russia or other countries. Because every year thousands of Indian students appear for various entrance tests of medical to become doctors. But not all are able to make up to a good medical colleges. One should not loose hope at this point and try again to clear the exams. There is also another viable option of studying MBBS in Russia.In the past decade there has been a tenfold increase in number of international students travelling for pursuing MBBS in Russia. All universities are recognized by WHO and Medical Council of leading countries like U.S.A, U.K, middle east, Australia, India, Canada etc.

The Russian Federation is a signatory of the ‘Bologna Convention’ for Equivalence of Education. This means that your degree received in Russia has unquestionable recognition in all European nations and is equal in value to a degree received in any other nation of the European Union. Russian Medical Universities do not require Indian students to pass any entrance exams like the GRE, TOEFL, IELTS, CET etc



Admission for MBBS in Russia is comparatively a lenient process and assesses students' overall performance without any entrance examination.
The admission process is hassle free with no hiccups and bottle necks and without lengthy processes.


Cost for studying MBBS in Russia is very low as compared to other European countries, because all Russian medical Universities are government university and subsidized by the Russian government by 60%


All Russian colleges for MBBS and institutes are Government recognized which strictly adhere to no donation fee or capitation fee, making the study affordable. Hence it will only be fair to say that the Fee structure for MBBS in Russia is also quite lenient.


Russian medical degree is globally recognized and listed by international bodies which include World Health Organization, European Union, The International Medical Education Directory, ECFMG, USA, General Medical Council, UK and Medical and Dental council of India.


Students in Russia are eligible for a range of discounts including for travel on public transport, for visiting museums, libraries, theatres, concert halls, parks and other public and entertainment facilities.


Hostels in Russia are simple and comfortable. All hostels are supplied with cold and hot water and central heating system, each room contains beds, a desk, chairs, storage space and telephone facility. Cafeterias and mess facilities are available in almost every Russian Universities.


Russia is a multinational country where representatives of the most diverse countries and cultures can easily adapt to life here. Russia is home to more than 200 ethnic groups that speak more than 100 different languages and dialects. The Russian constitution guarantees freedom of conscience: Christians, Muslims, Buddhists and representatives of other faiths peacefully coexist here

Russia has a long-standing tradition in high-quality education for all citizens. It probably has also one of the best education systems in the world producing a literacy rate (98%) exceeding most Western European countries. Education is split into a compulsory Basic Education, and ongoing Higher Education.

The accommodation fee is set by the university. It may vary from 150 to 5,000 roubles per month, depending on the university and the city, and makes it a much cheaper option compared to a rental apartment. Payments can be done on a monthly basis or per term.
If your university does not have a dormitory or for some reasons you don’t consider it as an option, then it is advisable to look for a rental apartment or room. Naturally, it will be more expensive, but you will be able to find a location and level of comfort that suits you. If you plan to rent an apartment with your fellow students or stay with a host family, you will be able to choose your neighbours.